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My Mission
Hi, I'm Ashvin Sonagara, Founder Of Amazon Business Model. My Mission Is To Help 1,00,000 Young Professionals Achieve Financial Independence Through The Amazon Business Model.

I Enable Aspiring Young Professionals To Make A Difference In Their Lives By Guiding Them To Create Their Own Businesses To Succeed And Gain Financial Independence.

I Believe In Sharing Knowledge & Experience For The Benefit And Evolution Of Mankind. I Will Help People Take A Closer Look At Their Abilities And Develop Skills To Take Advantage Of Them To Make Significant Improvements In All Areas Of Life And Help To Them Achieve Success In Their Lifetime.

Let's get to know each other

Hey Folks! Ashvin Sonagara here!

I am a mechanical engineer turned entrepreneur. I started my professional career in 2018. first I started my entrepreneurial journey in e-commerce business. I have learned a lot in my own way and also from my mentors. After seeing my success in e-commerce business, many people have approached me about how to start an online business?

After that, I realized that many peoples are there, who doesn’t know what is E-commerce business? And how to make more profit by doing business online with less investment.

So, if you are someone who wants to establish your e-commerce brand or someone who wants to establish a strong presence by building your business empire, take the first step and join me on the path to success.

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